Cash Back & Local Savings With My World

My World, is a cash back and discount voucher app, that offers you money back on purchases made at specific retailers, both online and in physical stores, plus also awards you points on top of your cash back that you can cash in for extra discounts and/or products.

You can shop online as any of the thousands of retailers, worldwide, that are partnered with the service, plus those who prefer to shop in-store are sure to find what they are looking for at one of the numerous local myWorld Partners. There, the personal barcode or QR code, only needs to be scanned at checkout, which is displayed in the App.

I've found the local offers to be pretty useful, especially for restaurants, even the independently owned ones, who offer cash back and points on your purchase, whether eating in the restaurant or on take away orders.

The useful app shows you on a map where local partners are located, and any special offers that may be available, allowing you to plan your purchases in advance, to maximise your cash back and point earning capabilities.

The service has both an app and browser extension service, allowing you earn benefits from both online and offline purchases. The browser extension for desktop browsers automatically indicates whether Shoppers are visiting a Partner’s online shop and ensures Benefits are credited for the purchase with just a click. In addition, it lets you know when a Partner is among the results of an online search and whether this Partner is currently offering Deals

The service is available in 50 countries and due to its international presence, shoppers can also use the myWorld Benefit Program across different countries and sectors. This means, wherever they shop, whether it be in London or in Bogotá, at a local bakery or from an online electronics shop, they can always make use of their benefits.

Cash back is rewarded up to 5% of a purchase, depending on the retailer, and as with all these cash back apps, it's always worth looking at other cash back services such as Top Cashback and Quidco as well to see if they have special cash back deals, that may be a better deal for you before purchasing, especially for larger purchases!

You can also buy e-vouchers for use in retail stores, such as Morrisons, which allow you to purchase a digital voucher Using the App, and buy these digital vouchers in seconds, redeem them at the checkout and benefit from Shopping Points and Cashback. The Benefits will be credited once the eVoucher order has been completed.

You can find the benefit Lounge on the app, and this is the heart of the myWorld App, because this is where shoppers discover the value of their collected Shopping Points. In this area you can redeem the Shopping Points and secure discounts on numerous products and services from regional Partners (Local Deals) and even on travel (Travel Deals). Therefore, the current average value of a Shopping Point is of particular interest to shoppers, which is displayed in the Benefit Lounge and is based on the average, worldwide redemption value of a Shopping Point from the previous day.

It's a pretty decent service, there aren't a massive amount of big name partners in the UK quite yet, but the list is growing, but for me it's the local partners that make the app worthwhile, allowing you to benefit from shopping local, at smaller, independent companies, as it's always nice to support local business, especially in these trying times, as well as the larger, better known brands, and that's a bonus for me.

The handy myWorld App is available for Apple and Android devices, and a free registration, and download link is below: