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National Cinema Day - 3rd September - All Tickets £3!

National Cinema Day - 3rd September 2022

Watch A Flick For Less!

September the 3rd is not only my sister's birthday, it's also National Cinema Day!

For one day only, the following cinema chains are offering tickets for just £3, so you can enjoy the latest movie release for less!

Many independent cinemas are also taking part in the scheme.

Most cinemas are offering all seats, and all performances at just £3, but it's worth double checking with your local cinema in case they have any exceptions to the reduced-price tickets. The offer will also include 2D, 3D, IMAX, and 4DX showings.

I would suggest buying at the ticket office in the cinema, rather than online, to ensure you aren't hit with a booking fee, which is often around 90p to £1, however, bear in mind that there is expected to be a big demand for the offer and so you might find your choice of film fully booked if you don't book in advance!

It's a great deal for the consumers, saving on average £2 on a standard price ticket, (depending where you are based, the average price of a ticket in 2021, was £7.21), as well as a helpful boost for cinemas, which are struggling with lower than expected audience numbers, since re-opening after covid, mainly due to the increased use of streaming services, and the decreased amount of time between a movie moving from the big screen, to be able to be watched at home by renting/buying the movie online or from their TV provider.

Cineworld is currently trying to avoid bankruptcy will debts of around £4 Billion, and so hopefully the cheaper tickets will reignite the nation’s love of the big screen and help the cinemas to get back into the black!

I'm not helping the cinemas by saying that with my frugal theme, I would suggest buying your snacks elsewhere, or making your own, to save the somewhat over-inflated cost of cinema purchased concessions, as this is where the cinemas make most of their profits. The cinema, on average, gets about 20% of the price of the ticket, with the remainder going to the movie studio, and so about 60p per ticket on this £3 ticket deal, the cinemas make their big money from your snacks and membership schemes.


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