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Energy Supplier Offers 10,000 Free Electric Blankets

Octopus Energy Offers 10,000 Free Electric Blankets To Their Most Needy Customers

Octopus Energy Offers 10,000 Free Electric Blankets To Their Most Needy Customers

Octopus Energy is giving away 10,000 electric blankets to their most needy customers. The energy supplier said that they found some customers were paying to heat their entire homes, even if they lived alone, and found out that where heating a whole home costs around £4 a day, an energy-efficient electric blanket can heat a person for just 2-4p an hour.

This means an electric blanket is a vastly more cost-effective way to stay warm: particularly for people with mobility issues, for example, and those who spend a lot of time in one spot. Or those with medical issues that mean they feel the cold more or are more prone to illness.

Modern electric blankets, used according to their instructions, are safe and energy efficient. Last Winter, Octopus obtained 7,000 electric blankets and offered them for free to customers, identifying would benefit most when they filled in their financial assistance tool.

The energy supplier targeted people who need a blanket most: so didn't offer one to every customer, and tried to keep it to one per home so that they can support as many people as possible.

Octopus did some analysis on customers who got an electric blanket and found that they saved up to 10-20% on their bills on average in the Winter months after getting their blanket. Over a year, that’s a massive £300 saving.

Octopus has 10,000 blankets to give away and needs to prioritise customers who'll benefit most: the elderly, and those with mobility issues or other medical conditions that mean they're more impacted by the cold.

These blankets start at around £40 and can save you £300 or more, so they're really worth the investment, Octopus has said if you can consider buying one yourself, please do – there might be someone else out there who truly can't afford to buy one.

We did a quick check on Amazon and found blankets starting at under £30, with free next-day delivery for Amazon prime members.

How should I use my electric blanket to keep warm?

Electric blankets cost around 2-4p/hr to run at their maximum setting so are a cost-effective way to keep yourself warm.

Tips to get the most out of your electric blanket

  • Use this as a throw over your body to keep you warm, rather than as a mattress topper.

  • Heat the blanket up at the highest setting for a few minutes and then reduce the setting down to a medium setting for longer use.

  • Do not fold the blanket as this may impair the heating functionality.

  • The blanket works differently to a heated mattress topper.

  • The heat may appear 'patchy' to the touch but the blanket works by creating a halo of heat around you and is working effectively.

  • Position the connector of the blanket at your feet and keep it unobstructed to avoid overheating.

  • Make sure children are not left unobserved with the blanket.

How do you apply for a free blanket?

Register your interest HERE and Octopus will send you the form to apply. The application process began on Monday 10th October and will continue until all the 10,000 blankets have gone.

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