Grab A £15 Store Credit From Papier & The Penny Pincher

£15 of store credit, for all new customers, from Papier ..

Papier are offering new customers, a whopping £15 of free store credit, to put towards a wide range of products from their website.

If you haven't come across Papier before, it's a personalised stationery company and produce a range of products, such as greeting cards, calendars, framed prints, photo books and wedding invites.

The £15 of free credit is activated when using our referral link. Click on the link and you will be taken to the website and the credit will be allocated to you. The link can be a little buggy sometimes, and if it doesn't work, simply click out of the site and go back in and it should work!

The credit isn't usable against postage charges, but postage is around £2.50 and free on orders over £40.00.

The credit could get you 4 free, personalised, greeting cards, or perhaps you could put the credit towards a framed print or photo book, either way £15 is a decent offer to get you some great goodies!

You can get this deal by clicking the button below.


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