Top Tip To Find The Cheapest Petrol Locally..

This website/app has continually saved me ££'s!

Top Tip To Find The Cheapest Petrol Locally..

On the day that reports state that the average UK petrol and diesel prices hit a record high yesterday, according to the AA, with petrol jumping to 148.02p per litre - rising above the previous record high of 147.72p on 21 November last year, and diesel hitting 151.57p per litre, it seemed the ideal time to mention, a website and app-based service, that enables members to save money on fuel, claim that they can save the average user £200 a year on their petrol costs.

How do they save you money on fuel?

Well, the site is a price comparison service, and using data obtained from thousands of daily fuel card transactions, and from its site members, which shows the cost of fuel throughout the UK, this allows the service to be able to show you the price of fuel in your local area, (or further away if wanted), so you can easily discover which petrol station has the cheapest fuel locally, ensuring that you aren't overpaying to fill up your car!

The service uses your location to show you a list of your local service stations, and puts them into price order for you, plus will also show you a map of the petrol stations locally, which is pretty handy if you are travelling and looking for reasonably priced fuel, so as not to have to buy from expensive service stations.

Does it work, will this save you money to fill up your car?

Yes, is the simple answer! Looking at my search results, there is a 5p per litre price difference between the cheapest and most expensive fuel in my area! I have a large fuel tank on my vehicle, and it takes 80 litres of fuel and filling this up, based on the 5p per litre price difference, would save me £4 on my fill-up, which although isn't earth-shattering, is a £4 saving on my purchase, plus as it's a Tesco petrol station, I will be able to grab Tesco reward points on my purchase, which soon add up, as it costs nearly £120 to fill up my vehicle from empty, so the points accumulate quickly!

The benefit for me is that by checking the system every time I need fuel I always find the cheapest fuel, today was Tesco, but it changes frequently, almost daily, with some of the other petrol stations locally suddenly dropping prices, or my usual cheap petrol station, suddenly increasing their price, and using this free system, I'm never paying more than I need to!

Top Tip To Find The Cheapest Petrol Locally..

Make use of the petrol station loyalty card schemes, make sure you have one for every local petrol station, so you can always collect points no matter which petrol station is cheapest on the day you need fuel!