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How To Store Food Without Using Any Plastic..

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I found this really useful info on the Earthbits Facebook page. I found it very useful and so have shared it! Full deitorial credit, and image rights goes to earthbits

When properly stored, fresh food can last for longer! Some simple tips can really extend your food's lifespan and avoid going to waste. Our favourites?

- Treat herbs like flowers! Pop them in a glass of water and keep them either in the fridge or even out, if you are planning to use them fairly soon.

- Store your leafy greens in a muslin kitchen towel to pick up any excess moisture. Just remember to change the muslin every couple of days to keep the veggies dry.

- Keep bananas away from all the other fruit: bananas release more ethylene than any other fruit, which causes them to ripe a lot quicker, so it’s best to keep them separate from other fruits to make them all last longer!

- Don't obsess over best before dates: remember these are just suggestions, if it looks ok and it smells ok, it's probably ok to eat too!

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