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Grab A Ring Video Doorbell + Echo Dot For Just £32! That's a 50%+ Saving!

Half price Ring Video Doorbell offer

I'm not really into posting lots of links to Amazon deals; after all, there are lots of Facebook groups dedicated to doing this, and I don't have the time to trawl Amazon looking for bargains, but that said, here's a deal I took advantage of this morning and thought I would share it, as I think it's pretty good!

I've been after a Ring doorbell for ages and managed to grab this one today for half price at £32.00, which also included an Echo Dot as well, which on its own is worth £29.99! The doorbell is normally £59.00 on its own.

Look for the 50% off promotion voucher, which you need to tick, which will get you 50% off when you checkout. The deal is not available on all Amazon customer accounts; they seem to be selecting X number a day, I guess to not overwhelm their logistics service, by spreading orders over a few days, and so if you don't have the offer now, check back later, or tomorrow, as it might be available to you then, as it wasn't available for me yesterday, but today I have it!

The Dot makes the deal that bit more impressive, as it's a decent smart speaker, and even if you don't want it, it makes a fab gift or could be sold for £20 easily, I'm sure!

You can grab the deal HERE.


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