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Rise Coffee - We get my mum to rate this coffee box service!

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Well, we do love a box of treats, and we sure love coffee, here at the The Penny Pincher, and so when we were contacted by Rise Coffee, and asked if we would like to sent one of their coffee boxes to try, our interest levels were escalated!

Now it is fair to say that we are a bit 'selective' about talking about subscription services, as we try and focus on services which may save you money, or a service that offers something out of the ordinary, such as the Wonky Bread box, who offer bread that otherwise would go to landfill, and so if I'm honest, I was actually in two minds about this one, as is a coffee box really a necessary indulgence, and is there a ethical type spin on the products, and actually it turns out there is, so we went ahead and said yes!

So, Rise Coffee offer a subscription service for £16.99 a month, (although they also offer weekly and fortnightly boxes as well), and for this you will receive a (recyclable) box containing 2 x 227g -250g bags of coffee, (around 30 - 50 cups of coffee worth), and exclusive treats from their partners, I received a really tasty brownie, and some equally tasty, salt and vinegar Fava beans, in my box, as well as information about the coffee and it's producers, and recipe cards.

The coffee all comes from independent, UK roasters, offering ethically and sustainably sourced coffee, who vary in size from teeny roasters, hidden away, who otherwise you may never have come across, to large coffee shop's in London, who offer their roasting creations to coffee lovers nationwide!

You can choose to receive your coffee in many different formats, so if you want it ground, you will get it ground, if you want it as whole bean, that's what you will get! You select the format of coffee you would like, when you sign up, and that's what will be sent..

So to the actual coffee, was it good?

Ok, so I love coffee, but I'm no expert, and wouldn't do the coffee the tasting justice it deserves, so I called in the most picky, coffee prude I could think of, to give the coffee a whirl... my Mum! Yup Mum is a proper coffee drinker, she is an embarrassment in restaurants and coffee shops, if the coffee isn't up to scratch, she WILL complain, and make a scene and she knows what she likes, and if you offer her a cup of something unusual, especially fruity, she will scrunch up her face, and un-politely decline! Therefore I couldn't think of anyone better to taste test this coffee, which she agreed to do, with the words, I will hate it, just so you know!

So here is her thoughts:

First she tried coffee from Press Coffee & Co, whose coffee shops have fully opened across London, since Covid restrictions have been eased.

"Presbitero from northern Peru. It is pesticide and fertiliser free and has intriguing new tastes and delicious aromas. Super smooth it has plenty of body and undertones of fragrant spices that linger gently on the tongue. I would happily drink it at any time of day but it is even more delicious as an after dinner, bitterness-free hit after dessert"

Katanda Coffee, supplied by Jericho Coffee Traders, whose coffee shop in Oxford Street, I have actually been to, and enjoyed!

"In partnership with Jericho Coffee Traders and Virunga Coffee's smallholder farmers in the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Katanda, an organic filter or espresso arabica is smooth, aromatic with delicious, fruity hints of citrus.

Like Presbitero, Katanda's complex flavours linger on the palate with no bitter edge but plenty of body derived, no doubt, from the richness of the volcanic soils where it the beans are nurtured"

"Both these coffees bring freshness and zing to please even the most discerning palate"

So, expecting negativity, I was met with VERY positive feedback on the coffee, and Mum did state she really enjoyed both coffee's, and even surprised herself with her enjoyment, and so with Mum's glowing references in mind, it is fair to state that we think this is a winner of a subscription service!

You don't have to sign up to the subscription service, you can order a trial box from the website, which can be sent to you, or to someone else as a gift.

If you do fancy the idea of a coffee subscription, you can order this from the website, (The subscription can be paused, or cancelled at any time), and we were given a promo code of RISE20, which will give you 20% off your first box, however I can also see a promo code of RFT50 on the go, giving you a 50% discount off your first box, so clearly worth seeing if that one works first!

You can check out Rise Coffee HERE

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