Shop Savvy & Save Money By Planning Ahead!

Shopping clever has made me a nice little profit already this year!

It pays to be strategic when Christmas Shopping! Just because you find a price that's a few quid cheaper, doesn't mean it's actually the best price for you!

Sounds a bit weird right, but if you look at other factors, such as cash back sites, you may well find that actually buying from a more expensive retailer, actually works out cheaper in the long run!

Take Airtime Rewards as this example. I bought a couple of larger gifts via retailers that were offering cash back via the Airtime Rewards app. The cost of the products, combined, worked out £16 more expensive than if I have bought the goods from a different retailer, who were not offering cash back. So I was £16 worse off using Airtime Rewards... until today, when the cash back for the 2 purchases were allocated to my account, and the amount credited is £34.06! So by thinking ahead and working out the cash back amount payable in the future, compared to what it would cost me at the time of purchase, I have regained my over spent £16, plus also made a further £14.06 on top, which is a decent amount of extra revenue/side hustle!

Airtime Rewards is a little different than other cash back sites, as the cash you earn is allocated to your mobile phone bill, instead of being given to you as vouchers/cash, etc, meaning it reduces down your phone bill for a month, meaning that next month my mobile bill is going to be £34.06 less that I need to pay. I like this, as yes I also like getting vouchers and cash, but this way, rtaher than spending my cash back on things I most likley dont need, my money goes towards paying off a bill, saving me money on something I do have to pay every month. Neat huh!

If you want to join, and earn a potential £1 joining bonus, down load the app, use my referral code of Q8FWLDQB and get earning cash back.. it's so simple!