Earn Up To £39 Testing Restaurant Milkshakes!

Like milkshakes? If so you could earn up to £39 for testing milkshakes from two of the UK's biggest restaurant chains...

Flavor Wiki are running a tasting test at present, to test milkshakes from McDonald's and Burger King.

There are 6 different flavour milkshakes to test, 3 from each restaurant. The idea is you go in to the restaurants, buy one of each, or as many as you would like to try, (You are paid separately for each flavour you try), give them a try and tell the tasting panel what you think, via the Flavor Wiki website.

You will need access to a camera phone, as you need to upload photos of the shakes, but it's all pretty simple!

The testing ends on September the 14th, so you need to get drinking quickly ..

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