Shepper - Get Local, Paid Missions/Jobs

Shepper is an app designed for companies to list jobs that they need completing in your local area.

The jobs are paid jobs, and the app will show you what jobs are available to you locally, that you may be able to carry out for them.

Jobs vary, you could be checking displays in a retails store, for a shampoo manufacturer, taking pictures of damage to a car or building, for an insurance company, or could be putting out point of sale material for a soft drinks manufacturer, in your local convenience store.

The jobs can change daily, depending on the area that you live in, the bigger the area you live in, the higher the chance of more jobs, living in central London, is likely to be busier than if you live in a small village in the north of Scotland, but jobs do pop up all over the UK.

In regards to payment, the app suggests you could expect to earn the equivalent of around £10 per hour for your participation. It's worth noting that indeed this may be true, however many tasks are quick tasks and may only be 10 minutes in duration, and so you may only be paid £3 for the job.

The app will tell you the rate of pay before you accept it, and if you happen to be in the area anyway, then £3 for 10 minutes work, when you are there anyway, is all good, but you are unlikely to want to travel for 20 minutes to get to a £3 job, however you can find that there may be several of the £3 jobs within a short distance of each other, and so you could perform them all, to make the trip more worthwhile.

No experience or special skills are necessary! All you need is your smartphone to complete checks and your ID to initially verify your account and get set up.

Follow the in-app tasklist, collecting the requested data using your phone. Take photos, videos, and provide comments. Click send directly in the app to complete the job.

Payment is made monthly by bank transfer.

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