Earn Up To £60 Per Hour With Testing Time Research..

Frequent studies, reliable payer!

Testing Time are a market research company specialising in conducting tests and research, you can perform at home, (e.g. via Skype, Zoom), as well as in-person with their clients.

Depending on the study, you earn up to £60 per hour as a tester, which is normally paid to your account within 10 days. They also offer paid product tests, which give you the opportunity to test drive a companies products and services, and in return for a paid incentive, give honest feedback on what you thought.

You could be testing a product, navigating a website, or giving a company your feedback on an idea for a product or service.

The service offers reasonably frequent studies and is trustworthy and does pay when they say they will pay!

To sign up, click here to take you to the new user page, and fill out your profile. Once done, your profile will be used to match you to new projects and you will then be invited to apply for a study, then once they have confirmed your suitability, you will be offered a date and time to take part.

Often taking part is conducted on a one to one basis, via video chat, but you may also find yourself invited to a remote study, and this is normally answering questions via a website or form, or could be a video recorded session, where you answer questions out loud, using your computer, or phone, to record your voice and/or video your responses.

Info correct as of 4th September 2020