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Sell & Buy 2nd Hand School Uniform, With Uniformerly

Save a fortune on school uniforms!

With the whole 'Back To School' message being thrown around by the shops at the moment, and the prospect of getting your children's school uniform now, before the shops run out of plimsoles and white polo shirts, firmly implanted in your head, you may be not excited at the cost of kitting out your kid, for the new term... I know our family isn't!

With this in mind, I came across a website, called Uniformerly, who are basically a free to use online marketplace for parent and PTA's to buy and sell 2nd hand school uniform.

(Uniformerly is currently aimed at UK schools from Nursery to Year 13)

It's a great way to help parents to get rid of no longer needed uniform, and a handy resource for parents who may be struggling with the cost of getting the school uniform their child needs, and help the environment simply by recycling your school uniform.

The uniform can be sold, or listed as a free item, depending on if you want to sell or give the uniform away.

To get going, you need to register on the website, choosing the school your children attend, or more than one if you have children in more than one school, and then you can simply view the listings, or add a listing to that school's page. You can look at the items listed within your school without registering by selecting Find a School and then choosing your school from the dropdown menus. However to list items yourself and make contact with other members you will need to be a registered website user.

PTA's are also encouraged to get involved. If your PTA runs a second-hand school uniform shop, then they can use the PTA Boost - developed specifically with School PTA's in mind.

(Select I'm on the PTA' from the menu for full details)

The PTA Boost Includes:

  1. A longer listing duration of 365 days.

  2. A Green PTA badge making each listing stand out as a PTA item.

  3. Your School Logo on your school page.

  4. The ability to renew multiple listings with the single click of a button.

  5. Priority email support 9am-3:30pm, Monday to Friday.

The idea is a great one! My only issue was that my child's school had nothing listed, but this is most likely due to the website being relatively unknown still, and hopefully by spreading the word about this service, it will help the website increase the schools involved, above the current number of 1,422... Tell your friends and your school!


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