Influence - Get Paid To Record Your Thoughts

Get paid to record a 1 minute video of your opinion on a specific, daily, subject with Influence.

This post has been updated, (1st April 2021), due to the change of app name from Vox Pop Me to Influence.

Influence is an app based video survey system, available on ​both IOS and Android phones.

This is a video survey app. There are daily survey's and questions posted. You are required to answer by recording yourself speaking in to the apps video recording facility.

The app will record your video response and send it to the app. It's very simple to complete the missions, it's a simple press a red button to record and stop the recording when you have finished. You can then watch the video, if you want, to make sure you are happy with it, and if not, you can re- record it. If happy, simply hit the upload button, and the app will send your video to be reviewed.

The app will record for a maximum of 60 seconds, and so it is very quick to respond to the questions, as you can't spend longer than 60 seconds answering anyway!

Once uploaded, your video response is then reviewed and if all is well, then your Vox Pop account will be credited with your reward.

The normal payment is 25p per video response, but better paying tasks are not unknown to happen, especially if you ensure you always respond to the surveys on the app, as often your answers will open up new paid surveys, often at 63p each, and often answering one, will open up another...

The app will send you an alert when a new question has been posted. You will also receive alerts for JFF questions, and this stands for Just For Fun, which are questions you are still able to answer, just without any financial reward for doing so.

You will also receive survey notifications as well. These are also unpaid, and are usually quick to answer, non video responses, which can ask a range of questions, and these are often geared towards seeing how suitable you might be for an upcoming study/.video question, so it's worth your while answering these as well, as the more they know about you, the better the chance of higher paying questions, heading your way!