£140 Warm Home Discount - Are You Eligible?

As Autumn sets in, the colder days and nights become prevalent, and the mind begins to think about the heating being turned on and the lights being on more often, and the extra costs to the family, as a result.

The Warm Home Discount, is a scheme set up to help support people who are living in fuel poverty or are in a fuel poverty risk group. The Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme, introduced in 2011, places a legal obligation on medium and larger energy suppliers to deliver support to people living in fuel poverty or a fuel poverty risk group. Energy suppliers with over 250,000 domestic customers are required to participate in the scheme, and so it's very likely that your energy supplier are participating.

So how does it work? If you are eligible for the extra payment, this will me made to your energy provider, to be credited to your electricity account, normally within 3 months of your applying for then scheme. The payment is not made directly to you. The only exception to this, is if you are a pre-payment customer, and if so, a voucher will be sent to you, which can be used to top up your account.

So who is eligible? There are two ways that you may qualify for the scheme:

  1. If you get pension credit, you may receive the discount automatically. If, as of 5 July 2020, you received the guarantee credit element of pension credit and your name (or your partner's) is on the bill, you're in what's known as the 'core group'. Provided your energy supplier is part of the scheme you will normally receive a letter confirming when the £140 will be deducted from your electricity bill. The letter may also ask you to contact a helpline to confirm your details if required. Contact the Warm Home Discount helpline, (Opens on 12th October 2020), if you do not get the letter and you think you’re eligible for the pension credit discount.

2. You may be able to apply directly to your electricity supplier for help if you do not get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, as long as:

  • Your energy supplier is part of the scheme

  • You’re on a low income

  • You get certain means-tested benefits

This is known as being in the ‘broader group’.

To get the discount you’ll need to stay with your supplier until it’s paid

If you're eligible, you'll need to apply directly to a participating supplier, as early as possible, as there are only a limited number of payments available. You need to check with your energy provider to see when they start accepting applications, as some may start in August, and others not until October/November.

How do I know if I'm eligible to apply? If you have an annual household income of less £16,190 or less and in receipt of child tax credits, you get income  support or income-based jobseeker's allowance, or you're in receipt of income-related employment support allowance, you're eligible if you have any of the following:

  • A disability premium.

  • A pensioner premium.

  • A disabled child premium.

  • Child tax credit that includes a disability or severe disability element.

  • Parental responsibility of a child aged under five living with them.

If you get universal credit and earn an income of less than £1,349 in an at least one month since November 2018, you're eligible if you have any of the following:

  • Limited capability for work element (with or without a work-related activity element).

  • In receipt of the disabled child element.

  • Parental responsibility of a child aged under five living with them.

Which energy providers take part in the scheme? The following companies are enrolled in the scheme:

  • Affect Energy 

  • Angelic Energy* 

  • Avro Energy

  • Beam Energy*

  • Boost

  • Bristol Energy*

  • British Gas (inc Scottish Gas)

  • Bulb

  • Citizen Energy*

  • Co-op Energy

  • E (Gas and electricity)

  • E.on

  • Ebico*

  • Ecotricity*

  • EDF Energy

  • Fosse Energy*

  • Great North Energy*

  • Green Energy*

  • Green Network Energy

  • Green Star Energy

  • Liverpool Energy Community Company*

  • London Power

  • Lumo

  • M&S Energy

  • Npower

  • Octopus Energy

  • Ovo Energy

  • Powershop

  • Pure Planet

  • Ram Energy*

  • Robin Hood Energy* 

  • Sainsbury's Energy

  • Scottish Power

  • Shell Energy (previously First Utility)

  • So Energy

  • Southend Energy*

  • Spark

  • SSE

  • SSE Southern Electric

  • SSE Scottish Hydro


  • Symbio Energy

  • Tonik Energy

  • Utilita

  • Utility Point

  • Utility Warehouse

  • White Rose Energy*

  • Your Energy Sussex*

*Only provides the discount to the 'core group'.  If you believe yourself to be eligible for the scheme, and are not currently using energy from one of the suppliers above, then now may well be a good time to look to switch to a different supplier. Switching is something that should be looked at every year, to ensure that you are always getting the best rate for your gas and energy.

It's always worth looking at services such as Switch'd or Look After My Bills who compare pricing on tariffs and will suggest suppliers who may can be cheaper and will help you switch.

I moved over to Bulb over 2 years ago, and they offer very competitive pricing. If you use our link, for getting a quote for energy, and then sign up, you will receive a £50 account credit, once your switch has taken place.

You can view more information regarding the Warm Home Discount Scheme on the Government website, and more in depth information is available on the Ofgem website.

You can contact the scheme operators, from 12th October 2020 via telephone: 0800 731 0214 

and the lines will be open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm

Information correct as of 6th October 2020