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My Yellow Sticker Finds - 25th October 2020

This is my haul of goodies from 25th October. The minced beef and potatoes were a yellow sticker deal, the yoghurts were cash back deals from CheckoutSmart & Shopmium

2x Beef mince 1kg @ 60p - Normal cost £12.00

2x Salad potatoes @ 14p - Normal cost £2.50

2x Munch Bunch yoghurts - £1 off each pack with Shopmium. Purchased as a 2 for £3 deal at Morrisons, so worked out at £1.00 for both, but I had referral credits, and so this made the yoghurts totally free.

1x Rachels yoghurt @ 25p - Normal cost £1.00, currently a 75p off cash back deal via CheckoutSmart.

Total paid this trip - £0.99 - Normal price - £18.50 - Total saved £17.51

I've divided up the mince into 4 decent portion sized packs and used my new trusty vacuum sealing machine to vacuum seal them, to prevent freezer burn and to minimise space, as I've put them in the freezer for later use. Tiotal cost per pack 15p! The potatoes will be used during this week, and the Munch Bunch will I'm sure be gone soon, being it's half term and the little one is going to be hungry every 3 to 4 minutes! The Rachel's yogurt made for a nice breakfast this morning!


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