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Boots Advantage Card - Thousands Will Lose Their Points In June!

Use or lose your Boots Advantage Card points before the 20th June 2022

Boots have stated that from the 20th of June 2022, they will remove Boots Advantage Card points from accounts that haven’t been used for one year instead of the current two-year period.

However, the retailer has stated that as long as you shop with your Boots Advantage Card at least once a year, your points will always be there, ready for you to use them.

Advantage Point holders should, therefore, try and earn a few extra or spend a what they have before the 20th of June, or they will lose the points, and it's thought that this will affect many thousands of its customers.

You can earn/spend your points in-store or via the store's website, and you can earn four points per £1 spent.

As well as earning points that you can spend, the pharmacy's new Price Advantage scheme gives its cardholders access to lower prices on a wide range of products but note that this is generally only available in larger stores. Boots has stated that you could up to 50% with an average save of £2.65 per product.

If you aren't already a Boots Advantage member, you can sign up for free by downloading the Boots app and signing up digitally or subscribing to a Boots Advantage card in-store.

If you aren't collecting points, and even if you are, you can easily earn cash back using Airtime Rewards, where you will earn 5% cashback on items bought from the retailer, either online or in a physical store; it all helps!

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