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Morrisons Kicks Off Christmas Early With Festive Chocolate Offers!

It's 2 for £7 on a range of Christmas chocolates until September 5th!

It's 2 for £7 on a range of Christmas chocolates until September 5th!

It may be only early September, but it's never too early to think about Christmas, or certainly, that's what the retailers want us to think! Costco was full of Christmas products when I visited yesterday, and many other stores now have shelves filled with Christmas confectionary, decorations and gift ideas, so I was far from surprised to receive information from Morrisons saying that the supermarkets customers now have even more reasons to make savings and stock up on family favourites ahead of Christmas with a choc load of exciting deals!

Until September 5th, Morrisons customers can get their hands on family favourite mega chocolate tubs, including Quality Street, Heroes and Roses – with a 30% saving when purchasing with the Morrisons More Card.

The tubs, typically priced at £5 each, are now just 2 for £7.00 for More Card holders.

Sam Stott, Senior Customer Planning Manager at Morrisons comments: “While Christmas may seem a little way off, it is never too early to start taking advantage of savings along the way. We are helping our customers spread the cost of Christmas with a great deal on a firm family favourite – the mega chocolate tub – which includes popular brands we know our customers love to stock up on

So if you do want to start stocking up for Christmas, which is never a terrible idea, as spreading the cost of Christmas over several months, rather than having to find the money in December, does make sense, now would be a good time to grab some festive chocolates, although its always possible they will be cheaper closer to Christmas, that's the risk you take!

There will be a deal on 350g pouches of various chocolates from 6th September, which are normally £3.50 each and will be on a 2 for £5 deal.

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