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Freddie's Flowers - Fancy A Free Bunch Of Flowers?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Get FREE​ box of flowers when you sign up to the Freddies Flowers subscription service.

Cancel the service once the flowers arrive by going to the upcoming deliveries page or simply drop them an email, and then you have no further charges!

If you choose to continue to receive flowers, which you can choose the frequency of, the cost is £24 per delivery.

You can of course, also look at faux flower arrangements, which may work out more expensive initially, but as they can't die, they'll keep your home looking lovely for years, making it more cost-effective than buying fresh flowers every few weeks.

To take advantage of this offer, sign up HERE and then use the promo code AB39 this will then remove the charges for the first delivery. That's all you need to do! Not bad huh! Just remember to cancel the service is you don't want to pay to receive further chargeable deliveries.


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