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Unlock A Free Year Of Disney+ With Uber One: Everything You Need To Know

Unlock A Free Year's Of Disney+ With Uber One: Everything You Need To Know

Save £20 on Disney+ & Get All the Benefits Of An Uber Eats One Subscription.

How to Get a Year of Disney+ with Uber One in this popular new promotion.

Until November 30th, 2024, If you sign up for an annual Uber One membership or upgrade your monthly membership to an annual one, you'll receive a code to your email address, entitling you to 12 free months of the Disney+ Standard plan. 

Simply sign up for Uber One through your Uber or Uber Eats app in the Account Settings. If you don't have Uber Eats, you can sign up here using our referral link, and you'll also get £3 to spend on a £20 + first order! 

Signing up for an annual Uber One membership costs £59.99, and that'll get you a free year of Disney+ Standard, worth £79.90. You do have to pay that £59.99 outright, though you can't pay monthly, so there is that upfront expense. 

Based on those figures, if you were going to join Disney + anyway, it'll save you £20, plus you'll also have all the benefits of an Uber Eats One subscription as well, at no extra cost, which are:

Uber One offers a range of benefits for users in the UK, designed to provide savings and exclusive perks across both Uber and Uber Eats services. Here are the key benefits:

Discounts on Rides benefits

- 5% off eligible Uber rides: This includes UberX, XL, Comfort, and Green rides.

- 10% off premium rides for Uber customers: This applies to Uber Exec and UberLUX rides

Discounts on Deliveries

- £0 delivery fee: On eligible food, grocery, and alcohol orders from participating restaurants and stores, with a minimum order value of £15 for food and £25 for groceries

- 5% off eligible delivery orders: This applies to food orders from participating restaurants with a minimum order value of £15. The discount does not apply to grocery orders

Uber One Promise

- £5 credit in Uber Cash: If your delivery order arrives later than Uber's Latest Arrival estimate, you receive a £5 credit

Exclusive Perks

- Special offers and promotions: Access to discounts on partner brands, free trials of other services, invite-only events, and more

- Premium customer support: Priority access to customer support agents via phone or chat.

These benefits are designed to provide value for regular users and new Uber users of Uber and Uber Eats, making it easier and more cost-effective to use these services frequently.

Special Conditions for the Disney+ Offer

To enjoy the Disney+ offer, you must commit to the Uber One annual membership for the full year. If you cancel within the initial 14-day cooling-off period, your Disney+ subscription will also be cancelled. Note that existing Disney+ subscribers are not eligible for this offer.

Once you've signed up for the deal (you'll need a valid credit or debit card as part of the sign-up process), you'll be emailed an activation code for the offer, which you'll need to enter into the special Disney+ activation page

You'll then have access to the Disney+ service. 

Importnat information: You must be 18+ to subscribe to Disney+. After the 12-month free period, your Disney+ subscription will automatically renew at the current monthly price (currently £7.99), so you'll need to pop a note in your diary for a week or so before your free subscription ends, so you can cancel that monthly subscription service if you don't want to enter into paying £7.99 a month, with no cancellation fees.

If you have O2 as your phone provider, you can add Disney+ to your monthly bill for £5.99 a month, saving you £2 a month or £24 a year, which would be a better deal for you.

Comparing Disney+ Plans

The Disney+ offer through Uber One is for the Standard plan. Here’s how it compares to other Disney+ plans:

- Premium Disney+: Up to 4K UHD & HDR video, 4 concurrent streams, downloads on up to 10 devices, Dolby Atmos audio, ad-free streaming.

- Standard Disney+ : Up to 1080p Full HD video, 2 concurrent streams, downloads on up to 10 different devices , 5.1 audio, ad-free streaming.

- Standard With Ads**: Up to 1080p Full HD video, 2 concurrent streams, 5.1 audio.

For more details on Disney+ plans, visit their website.

Disney+ FAQs and additional details

What Type of Content Can I Watch on Disney+?

Included in the 12 free months of Disney+ is the same benefits as those of the other paying Disney Plus members, which is a vast library with over 500 blockbuster movies, 15,000 episodes of binge-worthy shows, and 80 exclusive original series, including fan favourites such as the latest Marvel movies as well as the latest Star Wars shows, which in my view, makes it one of the best streaming services, although I may be a little biased as I love Star Wars films and the tv shows!  New content is added regularly, ensuring there's always something to enjoy.

How Can I Ensure My Family Only Has Access to Age-Appropriate Content?

Disney+ provides parental controls, including kid’s profiles, profile PIN protection, and content ratings, to ensure young viewers watch child-friendly content.

Additional FAQs

What If I Already Have a Disney+ Subscription?

The Uber One Disney+ promotion is available only to new new subscribers or eligible returning subscribers. Existing Disney+ subscribers cannot take advantage of this offer.

I Am a Monthly Uber One Subscriber. Is This Offer Available to Me?

To take advantage of this offer, Monthly Uber One subscribers can upgrade to an annual subscription. Check the app for more details.

I Am an Annual Uber One Subscriber Already. Is This Offer Available to Me?

If you are a full-price annual Uber One subscriber, you may be eligible for the 12-month Disney+ offer. If you qualify, Uber will email you the redemption details.

How Long Is My Code Valid For?

You have 45 days from when the code is sent to redeem the offer. After this period, the code will expire, and you will no longer be eligible for the 12-month Disney+ offer.

Do I Need to Enter Payment Details to Sign Up?

Yes, valid card registration is required, but you will not be charged during the promotional period. You can cancel anytime. After the 12-month period, you will be billed at the current price for a Disney+ Standard subscription (currently £7.99) unless you cancel beforehand.


Did you know that Amazon offers its Prime subscribers free Deliveroo food deliveries?

Amazon Prime members can get the new benefit of 12 complimentary months subscription to Deliveroo Plus Silver, which provides the following host of benefits:

- Free delivery on eligible orders over £15 from participating restaurants

- Free delivery on grocery orders over £25 from eligible grocery stores

- Exclusive special offers and rewards

Here are the key details about this offer:

- It's available only to Amazon Prime members, including those on a Prime free trial, and it doesn't matter if you pay upfront for the whole year for Prime or pay monthly, as I do. 

- To claim, Prime members need to visit a special Deliveroo link and link their Amazon account

- The free Deliveroo Plus Silver membership lasts 12 months unless the Prime membership is cancelled earlier.

After 12 months, the Deliveroo Plus membership will not auto-renew to a paid plan. It's worth noting that last year, they extended this great deal by another 12 months, so I'm currently on year 2 of free food deliveries, and perhaps they'll extend it again! 

- Minimum order values, service fees, and other terms apply

In brief: This, not well advertised, offer allows Prime members to get free delivery from Deliveroo on eligible food and grocery orders for a full year by signing up for the complimentary Deliveroo Plus Silver membership. This provides savings of around £40 per year compared to paying Deliveroo's delivery fees.


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