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Fuel up for Less: Morrisons Offers 5p off Per Litre to Customers Who Spend £35

As Fuel Prices Climb, Morrisons offer a 5p per litre discount for a limited time only

As Fuel Prices Climb, Morrisons offer a 5p per litre discount for a limited time only

Morrisons customers who spend £35 between Monday 16th October and Sunday 22nd October will receive a coupon giving them 5p off every litre of fuel purchased.

Money Saving Tip 👉 It is always worth checking to see if Morrisons is the cheapest option locally, even after the discount, and an easy way to do this is to use the free PetrolPrices app, or you can use the free GoCompare website fuel price checker as well, and these both will show you the prices at your local filling stations, so you can see which one is cheapest.

Money Saving Tip 👉 You can save extra money at Morrisons petrol stations by purchasing a Morrisons fuel gift card from JamDoughnut, which at the time of writing is 4%. This gift card can then be used for your purchase, which will save you even more money. I filled up yesterday, and that cost me £100, and I received £4 cashback for purchasing the gift card, so very worthwhile to spend that one minute buying the gift card via the JamDoughnut app, which I did at the pump; I received the gift card immediately, which I then used to pay at the kiosk.

The Morrisons offer is available to customers who shop online and in-store, including those using the Click & Collect service.

The coupon is redeemable at all Morrison's petrol stations*, and customers have until Monday 30th October, to spend it.

The required £35 customer spend excludes items such as: fuel, tobacco, tobacco-related products (including vapes), lottery products, Morrisons café, gift vouchers & cards, infant/formula milk, cash back, dry cleaning, fireworks, online games and instant tickets, photo printing, saver stamps, postage stamps, ‘top-up’ mobile phone cards, delivery charges/pass, garden centre & pharmacy (where applicable).

Morrisons has 340 filling stations across the UK. 


For further information and the full terms & conditions, please visit:

* Excludes any franchised Morrisons Daily petrol stations. 


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