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Grab Your Halloween Pumpkin For Free!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

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You Can Grab Upto £2.40 Off Your Halloween Pumpkin Purchase!

With Halloween just days away, you likely have or are just about to grab a pumpkin; after all, what's Halloween without a pumpkin?

If you have purchased a pumpkin, did you know that you can grab £2 back from TopCashback, by uploading a copy of your pumpkin receipt? The £2 will then be applied to your TopCashback account and will be able to be withdrawn (it usually takes about 30 days to be able to be withdrawn).

The offer is open to all TopCashback customers, but you do need to get your receipt uploaded by the end of the 31st October 2022. You can upload any receipt for a pumpkin dated from the 24th of October through to the 31st of October. You can upload your receipt to your account HERE.

This cashback is only valid on pumpkins purchased from a physical store, not from an online shop.

The supermarket cashback app GreenJinn is also offering cashback on a pumpkin purchase. You can submit a cashback request for a large pumpkin from Tesco, which will earn you 35p, A large pumpkin from Asda and Ocado allows you to claim 40p, or you can request 20p cashback from a pumpkin purchased from Morrisons, so using both TopCashback offer and the GreenJinn offer, you might even make a profit!

Perhaps you don't want to be carving up a pumpkin, no problem; remember that the pumpkins are edible, so nothing is stopping you from grabbing a free pumpkin and eating it! It's fab roasted and makes a lovely soup! The seeds can be removed and roasted in the oven and lightly salted for a yummy healthy snack, or they can be planted to grow your own pumpkins next year!

If you are carving the pumpkin, again make use of all of it, use the seeds to eat or grow your own, and dispose of the pumpkin by adding it to a compost pile if you have one or if you have a food bin, make sure you add it to this to make sure that its 'recycled' properly. If it's too large for the bin, most councils will allow you to place the pumpkin next to the food bin, and the refuse collection team will take it.

If you haven't already signed up with TopCashback, you can do so HERE; if you haven't got the GreenJinn app, you can download it HERE.


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