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How You Can Test & Keep Products For Free In The UK | Influenster

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Want to know how to get free stuff? Look no further! We've got all the info on how you can keep and test products for free in the UK.

Want to know how to get free stuff? Look no further! We've got all the info on how you can keep and test products for free in the UK.

In the past, I've mentioned the TryIt programme, and this a company/service that will send you totally free products to keep and test, all they ask for in return, is a fair and honest review.

Try It has been amazing for me, I've tested all sorts of products, ranging from soup to biscuits, to dash cams, vacuum cleaners, pizza ovens, rice cookers, and my favourite pots and pans set was from them as well, in fact, I have received and tested 65 products, since I joined in October 2020!

The programme is amazing, but is super hard to get involved with as the demand to join is huge, after all with some people getting products worth many hundreds of pounds, who wouldn't want to join, and so the programme only very infrequently allows new members to join, BUT it's all about to change!

TryIt has announced that they will be moving all their product testing over to a different app, (owned by them), in the coming months, where users will still have access to products tests, but the main difference will be that rather than just posting a review on the TryIt website, they will also offer opportunities for reviewers to post reviews via social media as well, which is something the product manufactures like the idea of, as it gets their products seen by more people!

Currently, the programme is designed for manufacturers to gift their products to reviewers in exchange for more product reviews, which is likely to be an influence on a potential customer interested in buying, as the more reviews the customer can find, the better it is, and if new reviews will also have the option to go on the social channels, then many more potential customers may be reached, which is of great value for manufacturers.

The new way of applying for products to test is that the app will message you to say they have a product test coming up and if you would like to apply to take part, fill out a form, and then the app will select users, either via a simple 'lottery' style, where anyone has the chance, or it will select reviewers via certain demographics such as age, sex, any allergies you may have, or dietary preferences, for example, if you are vegan, they aren't going to send you a sample of meat paste to try!

There is no guarantee that you will get anything or that you will get something really good; I've had some lower-end freebies, but also some really good ones as well, and I know several people who have had a new TV, fridge freezers, laptops, then next time they got tampons or a deodorant; it's important to expect nothing and then if you do get something you are winning! You might get something today and not get anything else for 6 months, or you could get 3 items in one day, nobody knows, but that kind of adds to the excitement of being involved in this kind of review programme!

Once/If you have been selected, you will be sent the product to test out and then be invited to leave your review. Your review will need to be reasonably long and to the point, you can't leave a review such as, 'it was nice' or 'I didn't like it' and expect to be invited to another trial, you'll need to say what you liked, what you didn't like, the build quality, does it look good, does it work well etc, they are looking for a decent review in exchange for gifting you a free product! The good news for anyone who wasn't able to get onto the TryIt programme is that the new app, which is called Influenster is accepting new members, so you are in with the chance of grabbing a freebie! Obviously, the more people that join, the fewer products you will get, as they only have so many, but if you make sure your profile page is fully filled out, and you add your social networking information, (you don't have to add your socials if you do not want to), you have as good a chance as everyone else in getting a freebie!

If this is of interest, you can sign up for Influenster HERE and follow the steps to get your profile completed. There is going to be a big demand for this, so they may close applications at some point, but for now, it's still open!

Both Tryit and Influenster are American, and so on the new app you may see references to US products, but don't worry, you are on the right app!

Information correct as of 25/01/2023


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