Earn Extra Cash 'Mystery Shopping' While Out!

One of my favourite 'Side Hustles' is Mystery Shopping!

Be My Eye is a fab app that lists a range of missions you can take part in, locally, to earn some extra cash, and at the same time help companies to see how their products are displayed in stores.

You may need to simply tale a few pictures of a shop display, or perhaps check that something is on display, or see how many of an item the shop has on the shelf.

The complexity can vary, and the pay goes up, the more complex the task. It may be just a couple of pounds for taking a quick photo, or could be £20 for a more complex task. The nice thing is that the same task might be available for multiple locations in your area, and so if out and about (adhering to all current pandemic restrictions needless to say), you may be able to earn a decent amount of money by visiting all the locations!

If you would like to sign up, and earn some extra cash, use our referral code gpk1r3 and earn an extra £1 bonus on completion of your first mission!