Oddbox Delivery Review - Rescued Fruit & Vegetables!

Updated: Feb 14

ODDBOX Delivery Review - Rescued Veg!

So what do you get from an ODDBOX, rescued vegetable delivery box?

ODDBOX is a rescued vegetable and fruit delivery service, which, rescues fresh, seasonal surplus fruit & veg which is at risk of becoming food waste. The reason for this? They're simply seen as 'too oddly' shaped, 'too oddly' sized, having cosmetic defects, or even excessive amounts of products than needed.

I wanted to give this a try as I like the idea of helping save food from waste, as well as helping out small independent farms financially, which I think is incredibly important, as so many farms have to close as they can't be competitive with the 'big boys'

I signed up for a £14.99 large vegetable box and had a £10 off my first order voucher, so actually paid £4.99, (More on that in a minute). The box was delivered sometime between when I went to work at 6pm, and when I get home at 11pm, they tend to deliver between 7pm and 7am. The box was in good condition and well packed.

So what did I get?
ODDBOX Delivery Review - Rescued Vegetables and fruit

In the box was a range of more unusual and interesting looking veggies! I received:

2x Packs of Rainbow Chard

Assorted coloured carrots

10x Red onions

Bag of purple radish - probably around 600g worth

Head of celery

5x large potatoes

2x Squash


Living lettuce (Still has the roots and soil attached still will stay fresh longer, in the fridge)

All the veg was lovely and fresh and in a decent condition. I was concerned that I would get a load of tired, lower standard products, but I'm pleased to say my concerns were totally unfounded.

I like the more unusual selection of products supplied, there is something quite fun about having vegetables that are outside your comfort zone, and you need to Google to find recipes for! I'm certainly looking forward to trying the chard, as that's not something I've had before, plus have found a recipe for roasted radish, which looks lush! So value for money, it is more expensive than popping to the supermarket for vegetables. That's to be expected, after all, it's straight from the farm, has to be delivered and everybody needs to be able to make some profit. I reckon in the supermarket, it's probably around £9 - £10 worth, undelivered, so a little more money, but I would be happy to pay the extra, knowing the sustainability benefits of the service, plus have the benefit of it being delivered to my door, at no extra cost. I'm very happy with my box, and will be ordering a fruit box for next week, to see what I get! Pricing starts at £10.99 for a smaller box, and the biggest size box they offer is £19.99.

ODDBOX Delivery Review - Rescued Vegetables and fruit

£10 off your first Oddbox fruit and vegetable box

If you use this referral link you can grab £10 off your first order, and so could receive an OddBox, for just 99p (Small veg box priced at £10.99 before £10 discount), so you can give this service a whirl, for next to nothing!