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Pasta Evangelists - 40% Off & Free Prosecco !

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Ok, so this might not really fall into what most people would class as being frugal, having a high quality pasta food box being delivered to your home... it's a little bit luxurious , let's be honest..

I wasn't going to give this a go as I figured that as someone with a background in food, (I'm a trained chef), I could make a decent attempt at a homemade pasta dish and save myself a few quid... but I found a promo code that gave me a tenner off an order and made the price of a meal for two, less than £8, including delivery.

I figured that's actually pretty darn good and realistically do I have the time to make pasta from scratch, on a school night, and to get the ingredients I need to make something similar? It was almost certainly going to be more expensive than this discounted deal, and heck, I probably wouldn't think twice about spending three times that amount on a cheeky mid week takeaway anyway! 

So I tried it and it's actually really good. Definitely restaurant quality food, this is not your ready meal from the local supermarket! Portions sizes were good, I'm pretty gutsy, so I added some salad on the side, and some garlic bread to bulk it out, and it was a decent meal. My other half couldn't finish hers, so that's a sign that she is less greedy than I, but am sure most people will find this to be perfectly adequately sized portions, without the need bulk out the meal!

These guys offer a one off order service, or you can sign up for weekly box delivery service if you prefer. The cost of the meals are around £7 to £8 each and this will give you a decent sized meal. You can choose what meals you fancy from a list that's updated regularly and delivery is from £2.50, and they will give you a choice of delivery days, mine was next day delivery. They may well deliver in packaging to keep your order fresh, which in the warmer months, is pretty important.

So if you are up for trying this kind of service, but the cost puts you off, then give the 40% off your first box, and a bottle of Prosecco for free deal a whirl and see what you think....

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