Snap My Eats - Earn £5 Every Month For Your Food Receipts

Snap My Eats is a receipt scanning app, based around scanning your food receipts.

The idea is that every time you buy something to eat, you keep a hold of the receipt and scan it into the Snap My Eats app. The app will ask you where you purchased the food from, how many people were involved in the purchase and where the food was going to be consumed, (eg at home, at work, in the car etc), and if you purchased the food in the store, through a drive thru, or by another means such as a food delivery service.

The receipts can be from any retailer you purchased food from, perhaps a supermarket, convenience store, restaurant, or even a packet of crisps from a petrol station, basically anywhere you have have purchased something to be consumed.

The app will pay you for each valid receipt you upload, the rate is £1 per 3 receipts, up to 15 receipts a month, which will earn you £5.

Once you get to £10, (Every 2 months if you scan the full 15 receipts every month), you can then cash out from the app. The service offers a range of withdrawal options from it's reward centre, and you can choose what you would like, personally I always get a £10 Amazon voucher, which I try and save up for when I want to get something I really want.

This is one of the best receipt scanning apps in the UK, it most certainly offers the most frequent rewards, and the lowest number of receipt numbers that need to be uploaded to earn a reward.

You can earn £60 a year via this app, which is very achievable. The app accepts receipts that are dated within the last 7 days, so even though I may have already maxed out my rewards for the month, I tend to make sure I keep all my food receipts towards the end of a month, so that when the new month starts, I can then scan in my receipts dated in the last 7 days, which gives me a head start on the 15 receipts needed for that month, it's not unheard of to have stored up 15 receipts already, so I may have my £5 worth of receipts already scanned on the first of the month!

Consider also scanning your receipts into other receipt scanning apps such as Shoppix, Zipzero, Storewards and Huyu, and it's worth signing up to them all, as you can then scan a receipt into them all and get even more cash for your receipt!

The app is available on IOS and Android