Street Bees - A Novel New Approach To Market Research

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Street Bees market research is really very simple to take part in! You get a list of available surveys, choose the one you want to take part in, follow the on screen instructions, finish and upload the results, via the app, then once checked, you normally get paid within 2 working days, direct to PayPal. Sometimes it's same day!

The tasks vary, as does the number of different tasks available at any given time, but the task could be as simple as taking a photo of your lunch and answering a couple of questions!

My first surveys were taking pictures of a, purchased, ready to eat meal or drink,  such as a sandwich, take a photo of the sandwich and then the receipt, tell them where I bought it, how much for, and why I bought that item, and I got paid £5 for it! I did it 6 times in a week and got paid £30, which was twice what I paid for the lunches!

Great system and highly recommended! If you would like to join, then click here and use referral code 773812U


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