How To Camp On The Cheap + Make Some Money From Your Tent, If You Have One!

As the Summer holidays draw closer, you may be looking at holiday ideas. Still, with the cost of holidays going through the roof and airlines cancelling flights and causing travel chaos, you may be looking at spending some time exploring the UK.

Camping is a really popular way to spend some family time, but even this isn't without some pretty horrible costs if you don't already have your tent, and with tents and equipment likely to cost you hundreds of pounds, so sleeping under the stars may not seem cost-effective, however, did you know you can now rent tents and equipment?

Tentshare allows you to rent all the equipment you need for your camping adventure, so you don't have a massive outlay on all the equipment you may otherwise buy and then never use again!

For example, a 2-person tent could cost you as little as £10 per day to rent, with larger tents for around £30 and special event/themed tents for about £100 per night. The average family tent can cost about £400 to buy, so renting one for the weekend, for example, will be considerably cheaper. If you then decide that you want to invest in your own camping equipment, as you had such a good time, then you can, of course, go ahead and purchase what you need. Still, on the other hand, if you have spent a weekend under an awning and decide that it's not really for you, then you haven't just blown a small fortune on equipment you aren't going to use again!

You can also rent chairs, beds, trailers, roof boxes, power, and even cupboards to make your trip more comfortable.

You are asked to leave a deposit when booking your camping gear, which is then returned to you once the equipment is returned in a suitable condition.

The equipment can be collected for use, or some items can be sent via courier to you, and there are some services where equipment can be set up for you, ready for your arrival, or can be delivered to your home and set up in your garden for parties, sleepovers etc.

The renters can be businesses but are more often members of the public who have all the equipment and aren't using it, and so are renting it out as a side hustle to make some cash from camping gear, which otherwise would just be sitting in a garage or shed somewhere, and not being made use of!

So if you have a camping set-up you aren't using, you can sign up as a renter and start earning money! Tentshare takes 15% of your earnings, leaving you with a healthy 85% share of the rental fee, and you get to choose what you want to charge for renting out your kit!

So Tentshare is a great money-saving tip for anyone wanting to spend some time outside with nature and a fab money-making opportunity for anyone wanting to recoup some of their camping equipment costs! It's a win-win for everyone!

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