My Supermarket Cash Back App Bargains!

I monopolised the supermarket cash back apps today!

I went to my local Tesco, to buy pants, (TMI, sorry, but they were 25% off by pure coincidence, so was an extra win!), and to see what I could score using my two favourite supermarket cash back apps - Shopmium & CheckoutSmart!

My plan was to see how many goodies I could come home with, and to see how little I could spend.. I did ok!

From CheckoutSmart I got:

Paxo Southern Style breadcrumbs - Half price at 65p

Bisto Southern Style gravy - Half price at 65p

Brew City Mac 'N' Cheese Kegs - Free - Saving £2.00

Rice Krispie Square Birthday Cake Thins 4pk - Free - Saving £1.99

Total Cash back on these £5.29

From Shopmium I got:

Felix Naturally Delicious cat food - £2.50 off - Half price

Peperami Chicken Bites - Free - Saving £1.29

Castello Tickler Extra mature cheese - Half price - Saving £2.00

Lee Kum sweet Hoison sauce - £1.80 off - making this 50p

Total Cash back on these £7.59, HOWEVER I had some referral credit available, which was added to my refund, making the whole Shopmium cash back items, totally FREE - saving £12.59.

Total savings for the whole trip = £17.88, which is a pretty good result, and everything I got, we will use, nothing will be wasted, so it's a win!

If you aren't sure what the apps are, and how they work, then you can take a look at my blog post, which will give you more information, plus give you links to sign up, if you would like to.