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You Gov - Get Paid For Your Views

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

You Gov is a well-respected market research company based in the UK (although there is also an American version) that will pay you for giving your views on a range of current affairs, brands and product-related topics. The organisation does a lot of high-profile work for the government, and your answers to questions, may go on to help make new policies or reforms within the UK government; & YouGov data is regularly referenced by the press worldwide and is one of the most quoted market research sources in the UK.

You are paid points for every paid survey you are sent and complete. These points can be traded in, once you hit 5000 points, for a £50 payment, which is made to your bank account, rather than via a voucher scheme. Each point is worth 1p, and the number of points paid per survey will differ for each survey, usually depending on the study's complexity and length. You will also find unpaid, and 'just for fun' surveys, as well as the paid ones, for which you don't receive a payment, although you 'may' find some offer you the chance to win a prize or some other kind of another reward.

As with most of these survey sites, this isn't a get rich quick scheme, it's a slow burner, so it may take months to get to the £50 payout threshold. The number of surveys you get sent will vary, depending on my demographics; as an example, someone living in the Highlands of Scotland is less likely to be considered as an ideal candidate for a survey regarding your usage of the London Underground service than someone living in Central London, who commutes around London daily, it just depends on you, and your location!

All in all, it's a decent survey site; it isn't a government-owned service, as the name may suggest, rather an independent think tank and way to express your views and potentially make a little extra cash on the side at the same time.

You can sign up for free HERE.


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