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Air BNB - Unusual Accommodation All Around The World

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Air BNB is an online marketplace that lets people rent out their houses or spare rooms to paying guests.

The traveller has access to to hundreds of thousands of properties, all around the world, and this website gives the traveller access to properties and experiences that they would never be able to find normally.

The website allows you to search for properties, and choose options such as a shared house, a whole house, just a room for night, or a room for a month. You can search for houses with swimming pools, houses near the beach, in the mountains, near a lake, pretty much everything!

So what's the benefit of using Air BNB? The cost for a Start! You can stay in fantastic accommodation, in exciting places, yet pay, more often than not, far less than you would do if you were staying a hotel, very often dramatically less!

Very often you will meet the owners of the accommodation, either in person, or via the website, and they are normally very happy to give you useful information about the area, from it's history, down to which restaurant is the best locally. Again this is not something you would get such a personal experience with, when staying in a hotel.

Obviously you may be a little concerned about staying in a strangers house, after all, you know nothing about them! The good news is that the Air BNB website has reviews of the properties listed, and the accommodation is rated by the people who have stayed there, and the guests are urged to leave, and generally do, honest reviews, and so if you are concerned about a property, then simply check out the reviews before booking online!

As a guest, you pay in full as you book through a secure platform, and hosts will receive that money 24 hours after guests check in and so you aren't going to get ripped off! They don't get paid until you have stayed at the accommodation.

All in all, this website offers you fantastic opportunities to stay in accommodation and places, that you may never normally get the opportunity to visit. The experience in living in somebody else house and being involved in their way of living, is as exciting as it is interesting!


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