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A Top Tip If You Are Heading Off On Holiday Soon!

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Travellers Top Tip!

So you will have noticed the issues people have had with lost baggage over the last few weeks, with suitcases heading off on their own little holiday without their owners, and you may be a bit worried if you are heading off on holiday soon.

There may not be a massive amount you can do to stop the suitcase from being missed from your flight; however, if you buy yourself an Apple Air Tag (which is a little device that you can track via your iPhone), then pop it into your suitcase, you will always be able to see precisely where your suitcase is located!

It's super handy, as it means you will always know where your suitcase is, and you can check it's on the plane with you, and if not, you will at least be able to see where it is, making it easier for the airline to locate for you!

It's also good for seeing where your suitcase is in the airport, as you will be able to see if your bag is about to come down the baggage claim shoot, taking away the need to stare at suitcases going around a carousel for hours on end!

You can pick up a single Air tag for around £29 (I found one for £27 on Amazon), and a pack of 4 for about £99, so not super cheap, but sometimes you can't put a price on taking away the stress of not knowing if your bag is on your flight or not!

If you do buy one, don't forget to get cash back on your purchase using cashback sites such as Karma Cashback or TopCashback, as every penny you save can go towards a cheeky little holiday treat!


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