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Music Magpie - An Easy way To Get Rid Of Your Stuff

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Music Magpie is a handy service that saves you the hassle of using an on line auction to get shot of your CDs, DVDs, Games, Blu-rays, Books and Electronics

 Just go to the site and tell them what you have to sell and they will give you a price.

If you are happy with the price you can then box up your bits and send it to them and you will then be paid by cheque or bank transfer, or you can donate the money to charity.

Its easy to do, but you may not get as much money as selling privately, but if you are after a fast and hassle free sale then this is a great option! They also sell used items as well.

You get a free 12 month warranty on all tech products purchased through them, and free delivery as well.


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