My Latest TryIt Product Test - Nescafe Caramel Coffee

My latest TryIt - Sampling Community product test arrived yesterday, and this one was from Nescafe.

If you haven't heard of TryIt Sampling, it's a service that gives you the opportunity to try FREE products in exchange for your honest opinions! As a member of TryIt you provide authentic, honest feedback for the products you receive. You'll be invited to try products based on your preferences and programme participation.

It's not an easy task to get to join the programme, they only accept new applicants once in a blue moon, but you can join the UK waiting list to take part HERE

This product test was for the Nescafe 3 In 1 Caramel flavour coffee sachets. I received a retail sized pack of the coffee, which contained 6 sachets of the coffee. It was easy to make, you just add the contents of the sachet to hot water, give it a stir, and you are away!

This was a delicious coffee, rich, smooth, tasted of creamy caramel, and wasn't crazy sweet, which I have found to be the case with other flavoured coffee products, and really hit the spot. It's a product I genuinely recommend!

I have 3 other tests on the way - Grey Goose Vodka, a Hoover HMGI25TB-UK microwave oven and a Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam for the car - together worth over £350, and the best thing is that we get to keep them after giving them a test drive! Now you can see why it's so hard to get on the programme, it's awesome!

I will let you know when the other products arrive..