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Halfords Motoring Club - £35 Of Freebies & Our Top Motoring Saving Tips

Halfords Motoring Club Offers Freebies To Motorists

With the price of driving costing more due to the increase in fuel prices, the motorist needs to explore every money-saving option available to them, to reduce costs, and Halfords have a free option for you to save some cash.

The popular motoring store has a free Motoring Club you can join, which offers you:

  • A free £10 voucher, redeemable on an order, instore or online, over £20

  • £10 off the cost of an MOT

  • A free 10 point car check, worth £15

It's free to join, although they also offer a paid subscription service, so make sure you select the free one, and you can sign up HERE to activate your benefits.

It's worth joining just for the free £10 discount in my view; I'm always happy to save a tenner on my motoring costs!

Other motoring money-saving tips:

  • Don't buy premium fuel unless you have to!

  • Avoid buying fuel from motorway services; they are always far more expensive. Use sat nav to see if there is a cheaper option by coming off the motorway and making a slight detour.

  • Check the tyre pressure; low pressure increases fuel costs!

  • Shop around for car insurance, don't assume that an insurance renewal is going to be the cheapest option

  • Wash your own car; it's cheaper than having it cleaned for you!

  • Need a car part? Look around for the part yourself before allowing a garage to order it for you; the garage will add a premium mark up to the cost!

  • If you buy fuel from a supermarket, use KarmaCashback, TopCashback or Quidco to buy a gift voucher for your supermarket. You can earn cashback on the purchase, which will add up being fuel is so expensive!

  • Use the PetrolPrices app to find the cheapest fuel in your area - it's free!

  • When buying insurance, don't overestimate the miles you are likely to drive; your quote will likely increase depending on the more miles you drive; remember, more miles = more risk = higher chance of a claim to an insurance company, so they price accordingly.

  • Haggle with your insurance company; never accept the first quote; they always have a bit of wiggle room to keep you!

  • Rideshare! If you can share your journey with someone else, it will cost you less if you split the fuel bill.

  • Remove unnecessary items from your car! Many people use their car as an extension of their home and store items that aren't needed in the boot. The heavier the car, the more fuel the car uses!

  • Investigate the cheapest places to park before heading off on a journey. There are plenty of apps to find cheaper parking, and apps such as Just Park can allow you to find someone renting out their driveway or parking space, so you can park for significantly more affordable than parking in a conventional car park, plus use the app to earn money by renting out your spare space!

  • Make use of petrol station loyalty programmes - Most companies now offer points cards where you can earn discounts and freebies by fuelling up on their forecourt - I've had many a discounted or free snack/drink, plus some discounts on fuel by using my loyalty card!

  • Motoring abroad? Watch the exchange rates when using your debit/credit card to buy fuel and pay tolls; it's usually cheaper to buy a currency card where you preload cash to the card and convert it to the local currency, meaning you only pay the one currency conversion charge. The top three companies for this are:

  1. Revoult - My personal currency card provider and highly recommended!

  2. Wise

  3. EasyFX


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